About RESALA School

Vision Statement

Our students will be prepared with the knowledge and skills to succeed in a rapidly changing world within the framework of Islamic values.


Mission Statement

Al Resala Bilingual School (Arabic and English) is a Kuwaiti private school which offers a K-12 education meeting international standards. The School’s mission is to prepare our students to become morally responsible and contributing members of society. Our program promotes lifelong learners who display tolerance and acceptance of other cultures, while firmly rooted in their Arabic & Islamic heritage.

The Goals

  • To provide a nurturing, stimulating and safe school environment that motivates students to become life-long learners
  • To prepare students for academic and personal success in higher education programs
  • To build strong student communication skills in both Arabic and English language
  • To engage students in relevant, active learning experiences to develop an understanding of their own learning styles and to develop leadership skills
  • To equip students with Information Technology, critical thinking and life skills to meet present and future challenges
  • To prepare students to become responsible, productive and contributing citizens to their society and the world
  • To educate students to use reason and show tolerance when solving conflicts
  • To teach students the importance of healthy lifestyle choices
  • To develop a respect for individual and cultural diversity
  • To develop an awareness of global issues which affect the health and safety of all peoples

Strategic Goals: ( 2016 - 2019)

  • Ensuring that the surrounding environment is safe and secure
  • Providing High quality Education for all
  • Nurturing talents/Recruiting and retaining  the faculty
  • Obtaining the CIS accreditation