About RESALA School

RBS Guiding Statements 2022 - 2025

Vision Statement:

Our students are empowered to acquire knowledge, skills, values and behaviors to succeed in a rapidly changing world within the Islamic framework.


Mission Statement:

Al Resala Bilingual School (Arabic and English) is a private school in Kuwait that offers educational programs meeting international standards for K-12 and special educational needs. The school mission is to prepare students to be responsible, respectful and contributing members of society and the world, while firmly rooted in Arabic & Islamic heritage.


1- Provide safe, healthy school environment that motivates and includes everyone to work and be productive.

2- Empower students to achieve their personal, academic and vocational success.

3- Improve communication skills in Arabic and English.

4- Enable students to know and develop their abilities, talents and leadership and critical thinking skills for problem prevention and solving.

5- Promote responsible and ethical digital citizens.

6- Encourage students to follow a healthy lifestyle for their physical, emotional, social and mental wellbeing.

7 –Strengthen the social cohesion and respect for individual and cultural diversity.

8- Develop students ' awareness of local and global issues and be productive and responsible members towards themselves, their community and the world.


Al-Resala Bilingual School Strategic Goals 2022 – 2025


  1. Promote High Quality learning and empower students to be responsible global citizens.
  2. Support Students and Staff Wellbeing.
  3. Upgrade School’s Facilities and ICT Infrastructure to facilitate school’s educational program.
  4. Engage parents and partner with external organizations to meet students’ needs.