Al-Resala Academy Admission Procedures

Admission and Registration procedures

Al Resala Academy provides special needs students with relevant curricula, programs and specialized services for individuals with special needs. It aims at developing their potentials in learning and supports them to become functioning and productive members of society.

The Academy accepts students from age 3.6 – 21 years. It is committed to meet international standards of education by offering curricula that supports individualized planning.

  • Students between 3 .6 – 6 years follow the expectations that are adapted from Mid State Early Childhood Direction Center Syracuse Developmental Checklist
  • Students between 6 – 10 years follow an adapted version of the Ontario Curriculum.
  • Students between 10 – 21 years follow an adapted version of the Functional Academic Curriculum for Exceptional Students (F.A.C.E.S.). The Award Scheme Development and Accreditation Network (ASDAN) programs provide the practical evidence for the functional program.

To register your child in Al Resala Academy:

Parents Contact admission office to make an appointment for assessment.

Assessments occur in two steps:

2.a. Initial assessment:

 It is an individual assessment to identify the child’s capabilities, potentials and challenges.

Candidate student s are assessed in the following areas:  fine motor skills, language skills comprehension, academic skills level and personal-social behaviors. Our assessment process is based on the Gesell Institute of Human Development Preschool Test, ages 2.5 – 6, with additional assessments to determine math and reading comprehension levels

 2.b. Classroom trial:

If the expected skills in the initial assessment are met and there is a vacancy in a suitable class, the child is placed on trial for three days to be observed and assessed in the class by the class teachers, therapists and coordinators.

Required Documents for enrollment :

If the student has been accepted, parents will be asked to provide the following documents to the admission office.

  • Approval from the Public Authority for the Disabled (only Kuwaitis).
  • Photocopy of the Disability Certificate.
  • Photocopy of child and parents ID.
  • Photocopy of parents Nationality Certificates (only Kuwaitis).
  • Photocopy of the Birth Certificate and Vaccination for the student.
  • Recent personal photographs (6 photos).
  • Evaluation report from an educational/ clinical psychologist, a medical specialist or and educational specialist.
  • Diagnostic report from ministry of health/ original medical file.
Final Registration:

Once the student’s letter of acceptance has been signed and all documents are in the student’s file, the acceptance process will be complete.