May 2020

Dear Respected Elementary School Parents & Students,

To start with, I would love to congratulate you on the blessed month of Ramadan, May Allah reward you with good and blessings, and I pray that you and your loved ones enjoy a blessed Eid Fitr with health and wellness.

It has been a year full of challenges in such exceptional circumstances all the world is encountering now. However, after the decision of school suspension has been issued, Al Resala School has presented the best options to guarantee the continuity of the educational process. Meanwhile, everyone’s safety has been guaranteed via staying at home and our commitment to the procedures approved by the State during the current conditions. Therefore, the school team, including the leaders, administrators and school faculty, have done their best to set a plan to continue the educational process.

Thanks to Allah and to your support, we have been through that experience and pass it successfully. Hence, our students proved to be responsible and also acquired online learning and communication skills. They have proved that the educational process cannot be hampered no matter what the circumstances are. That has been our first goal which is qualifying students to continue learning in all conditions.

They have successfully finished their school year and they are ready to receive their certificates to complete the school year, God willing.

In the end, I give my sincere thanks to all dear parents for their continuous support as well as teachers and administrators for their efforts to make the distance learning experience a success. I pray that these circumstances pass peacefully and may Allah keep you and your loved ones safe. May Allah help us for the benefit of our dear students.

Important Dates:

  • May 14th, 2020:
    the end of the scholastic year.
    Publishing the end-of-year reports on Edunation for those who paid the school instalments.
  • August 9th, 2020:
    First day of Attendance for those students who didn’t enroll in the distance learning program.
  • September 2nd, 2020:
    First day of Attendance for those students who completed the current scholastic year through the distance learning program.


Greetings, Director of the Stage 
Mr. Eman Abdel Aziz