September 2020

Dear Respected Elementary School Parents & Students,

I ask Allah that you are all well and healthy. I also would like to congratulate you on the new school year and I pray that it will be a successful year for everyone.

Under these exceptional circumstances, our school is working hard to provide the best options to ensure the continuation of the educational process as well as to maintain the security and safety of our students.

Therefore, the option of distance learning for this semester was taken until the health situation stabilized in the country and then work will resume at school whenever the authorities decide so.

We are confident that our students are ready to pass this stage, they have already gone through the experience before and developed the skills of learning and communication electronically and have proven their ability and responsibility in passing this great challenge and completed the last quarter of the 2019-2020 academic year electronically.

We are working hard to provide full support to our students and to overcome all obstacles by providing a comprehensive educational platform and subscribing in many educational sites that support the process of distance learning.

From the perspective of our eagerness

to assume our full educational responsibility and provide the best educational services, and in appreciation of the psychological and social conditions that parents and students are going through, we have taken some measures to reduce the burden on the student and the parents, including allocating free additional classes during non-official working hours to solve homeworks with students and another ones to strengthen students who need To academic support as well as conversation classes to strengthen the English language.

In the end, I would like to recommend that you encourage students to adhere to attending online classes and interact continuously to achieve the maximum possible benefit.

We thank you so much and we wish our dear students a happy academic year,

May Allah protect you!