High & Middle School

Praise be to Allah, by whose grace righteous good deeds are accomplished

The third quarter has ended, and the certificates were uploaded through Edunation. We wish you all success. The beginning of the fourth quarter heralds the end of the school year. To stay on top, we urge you to continue the effort and perseverance till the end.

Listed below are the important dates:

Within a few days, we are receiving the blessed month of Ramadan, and I can only offer my congratulations to the entire family of Resala Bilingual School, our dear parents, and dear students. We pray from the bottom of our hearts to His Almighty in this holy month to bless our country and all Muslims with goodness, reward, and to accept fasting, prayers, and righteous deeds from us all.

Realized and believing in the great virtue of the last ten nights of the blessed Ramadan, the school, as usual, granted an official vacation to all employees and students, starting from 5/6/2021.

This year, the school will crown the fourth batch of graduates—the graduates of class 2021.

  I congratulate you for your distinguished efforts during an exceptional year for what you have reaped in terms of progress, responsibility, and development of capabilities and to keep pace with the rapid development in the field of education. We appreciate the great determination you have shown to face the great challenges in an exceptional educational year. We are proud of you. The batch is graduated on May 27, 2021. We hope that all graduates cooperate with the school administration in all papers required to complete the graduation requirements.

Also, I invite you to review our plan and our annual calendar on Edunation to follow up on the remaining activities and evaluations for this year.

May Allah bless you and accept your righteous deeds and works  in Ramadan