High & Middle School

Dear Parents and Students:

We would like to thank you all for your great and sincere efforts. You have been creative, supportive and up to the challenges.

Thank you for facilitating the task of teaching. You helped us in the success and completion of the school year despite the difficult circumstances facing us in the exceptional circumstances, and here you have overcome all the obstacles with your efforts. Teachers created an atmosphere of communication and continuous follow-up with students to ensure the continuation of the educational process.

Regarding to our virtual Orientation Day on Thursday September 2nd for Grades 5 – 12 & the first day of classes for Students Grades 5-12 on Sunday September 5th will be start the regular school day for Grades 1-12.


Enjoy the summer vacation which you really deserve, and we wish you a happy and safe vacation to return full of  energy and hope for the new school year hoping for a safe and hopeful return in aha’ Allah.