High & Middle School

January 2019

Dear Parents,

Congratulations on reaching our optimum goal and getting the CIS accreditation. The CIS team was impressed by the school’s organization, as well as to every one’s obvious commitment to our mission and to the children in our care. I know what was involved in going through this rewarding experience over the past few years and the dedication shown. I’m so proud of our students, teachers, parents and staff for making every effort to achieve that goal. 

We are reaching the end of the first semester and the start of our spring break. We do hope that you have a relaxing fruitful time. Our next Parents’ Conference will be held on Thursday 31st of January between (8:00 till 3:00) we are looking forward to seeing you all.

A gentle reminder of the Parents’ survey, it is on our website and Classera. We would appreciate if you can complete it as soon as possible. 

Finally, I would like to wish you an amazing break filled with joy and health. May Allah bless us all.

Ms. Siham Ayesh

Principal of Middle and High School