High & Middle School

December 2020

Dear Parents,


Here is the first semester of the school year has passed with all its hard work, success, challenges, determination and persistence, yet we are looking forward to perusing every excellence, distinction, perseverance and diligence, in the second semester.
At Resala School, we have continued and will always do with the activities during the period of distance learning, which is considered a pioneering step and a wonderful experience that contributed to the release of students' energies. For example, our students have had many creative and innovative activities using the artificial intelligence in which the concept of global citizenship was strongly reinforced. Also, these special circumstances we are all living has not discouraged us from forming the Student Council for the year 2020/2021. The students in the Student Council have prepared a planned online activity and have developed new methods of presenting and sharing the activities taking into consideration these special circumstances.
We are pleased to invite you to follow and encourage them with their activities on their own site (rbs_src).
We would like to announce that Sunday, January 3, is an official holiday on the occasion of the New Year’s Day, and we will resume our work and studying on Monday, January 4, 2021, insha’ Allah with great optimism and determination to continue achieving our goals.
The second quarter ends on Thursday, January 14, 2021, and we will upload the certificates on the educational platform, Edunation, on Wednesday, January 13, 2021. 
After the great and sincere efforts exerted by our teachers and students during the last period, the school administration decided to grant all school employees, teachers and students a short vacation that starts on Sunday, January 17 2021, and continues until Friday, January 22, and we return to school, insha’ Allah, on Sunday the 24th January 2021.
I hope you spend a beautiful and enjoyable vacation with your family and loved ones, and enjoy family activities as a great way to help you reconnect and relax away from electronic devices.
We look forward to returning to school for the second semester with a new sense of hope and perseverance, and to reinforce the good values in the hearts and minds of our students, so that together, we raise and prepare a promising generation that assumes responsibility and well equipped with knowledge and high ethics.
Happy new year to you all, to our students, teachers and employees.
Happy new year to our Muslim and Arab nations.

Wishing you all the best

Ms. Siham Ayesh

Principal of Middle and High School