Our Belief Statements :

Today a READER, tomorrow a LEADER W. Fusselman

Al Resala Bilingual school Library houses an impressive collections– equally rich in both Arabic and English books. the collection currently consists of over 20,000 books, videos, DVDs, CDs, periodicals and e-books. The collection was carefully selected to support the curriculum and different interests.

The library is staffed by a team of professionals who support the school faculty in preparing students for their future life as good readers and researchers; this will be attained through a library skills program designed to accomplish student needs and to prepare them for living and working in the information age.

RBS library & media center consists of Elementary library that contains a story telling area and a projector area for the video shows. Also (Middle & high school) library, each library includes English and Arabic separated sections,

In addition there is a Teacher resources room that contains a huge collection of resources to assist teachers.

Furthermore, RBS library has subscriptions with On-Line Data Banks Learning A-Z, , National Geographic and Scientific American and others which can be used by teachers and students for their projects and researches.

Library Goals and objectives:

  • To provide intellectual access to information
  • To provide physical access to information
  • To provide different learning experiences
  • To provide leadership, collaboration, and assistance to teachers on how to use instructional and information technology in learning
  • To provide resources and activities that contribute to lifelong learning
  • To provide a program that functions as the information center of the school
  • To provide resources and activities for learning that represents a diversity of experiences and opinions.

Library Timings:

  • Library classes as scheduled.
  • Before the beginning of the 1st period (without permission)
  • After the end of the last period ( without permission )
  • At the recess time ( with a permission )
  • Students who like to visit the library, during an unassigned time, should obtain a permission slip from their teacher.
  • Teachers are welcomed anytime.

Library Activities:

RBS library organizes several activities annually:
  • Book fair : which invites publishers to show huge collection of books, magazines, and educational material to give the students the chance to buy the best books with the lowest prices, and includes many activities about reading introduced by the students under the supervision of their teachers in cooperation with the library.
  • Drop everything and read DEAR
  • The Arab Reading challenge
  • Read for your child
  • Book worm.

RBS library runs scholastic reading club , We receive the catalogs and distribute them to the students after been censored and collect them back from students after they decide on what books they will order.

Borrowing instructions:

  • Each student may borrow two books at a time for two weeks.
  • Each teacher may borrow 10 items at a time for a month.
  • Reference books cannot be borrowed by students.
  • Students should return the borrowed books on time; they must also keep them in good condition.
  • If a student loses or damages a library book, he/she must pay 5 KD for a paper cover book or 10 KD for a hard cover book, or provide an alternative one.
  • Teachers may keep of books for the whole school year with written permission of the principal & the HOD.
  • Teachers may keep of books during summer vacation with written permission of the principal & the HOD.
  • Students will receive their final semester report cards only after all the borrowed library books are returned

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