Our Director’s Message

Dear students, parents and staff,

These days Kuwait is celebrating its 62nd National Day and the 32nd Anniversary of Liberation, an event during which we rejoice in happiness, express our firm loyalty and continue taking up Kuwait to glory with our sincere efforts and hard work. On this occasion, I am pleased to extend the utmost congratulations and blessings to His Highness Sheikh Nawaf Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah, leader of the journey, and to the dear people of Kuwait. May Allah perpetuate His blessings upon us and our beloved country Kuwait.

On this occasion, Al-Resala Bilingual School has organized several events in which students have celebrated Kuwait’s Liberation Day and National Day. The Middle and High School has organized the International Day event, which is of great importance in consolidating the concepts of global citizenship and intercultural learning among our students. This event aims to raise awareness of global issues and learn about other cultures with a framework of deep-rooted Islamic and Arab values. This event contributes to developing students' abilities and skills to engage in a rapidly changing world. Middle and high School students represented 18 Arab and international countries.

Also, S.EN. students participated in the national celebrations in various fabulous activities and events, the most important of which was the organization of the National Day and Liberation Day Exhibition. Their presentations showed a deep and strong expression of their love and gratitude for the country.

We strongly congratulate our students, their parents and teachers for the students’ excellence during the current school year. We were pleased with the various shows that the students of  the Elementary School presented  during the Drama shows and Graduation Ceremony that were held during the period 20-22 February 2023.

We thank our dear parents and students who took the survey and share with us their views to develop the educational services offered at the school. Also, we kindly ask other parents to contribute with us for a better educational service for our students.

Happy Anniversary, Long Live Kuwait Shining in Pride and Glory