Our Director’s Message


Dear parents, students, teachers and staff,

The school year of 2022-2023 has started, and our dear students are getting back to school and attending classes with no masks, nor extra precautions. Praise be to Allah; our life is getting back to normal.

We would like to welcome students, teachers and staff. We hope this year would be a year of success.

Also, we are very proud of our dear graduates of the fifth batch of Al-Resala School 2021/2022, and we would like to celebrate their enrollment in prestigious local and international universities: 11% of the graduates joined Kuwait University, 27% of the students enrolled in private local universities in Kuwait, and 40% of them joined international universities (USA, UK, Turkey). Also, 22% of the graduates joined different universities in the Middle East (Bahrain, UAE, Jordan).


Graduates of 2021-2022 have enrolled in the following majors:

32% of the graduates registered in The College of Medicine and 24% registered in The College of Engineering. The rest of the graduates got enrolled in the following majors: Business Administration - Pharmacy - Accounting - Design - Occupational Therapy - Computer Science.





Dear Parents: -

We thank you for your trust in our school by re-registering your children in Al-Resala Bilingual School, and we welcome the parents of the newly registered students. We strongly believe that you are an essential member in our school community, and your contribution is a great support to the learning experience of your children. We are honored to always invite you to work with us to accomplish the real goal of education through your continuous follow-up of your children. Also the school encourages parents to keep the channel of communication active with the school.
We would like to congratulate and welcome Mrs. Asmaa Lubbad for becoming the Vice Principal of the Middle and High School, who holds a Master's Degree in Biochemistry and has a Higher Diploma in Education. She has a profound experience in the field of education. We are positive that her expertise would be of great benefit.


In order to provide a distinguished social, emotional and academic support, Mr. Ahmed Al-Barmawi has been appointed as the Head of the Social, Emotional and Academic Support Unit (SEAS Unit). He holds a Master’s Degree in Psychology and a professional Doctorate in Special Education. Also, Mrs. Mai Salama has been appointed as a member in the team in the SEAS Unit as a social Councelor for students in Middle and High School.





We work hard hand in hand with parents to achieve our goals.

 The following is a review of the strategic goals of Al-Resala Bilingual School 2022-2025:


  1. Promote High Quality learning and empower students to be responsible global citizens.
  2. Support Students and Staff Wellbeing.
  3. Upgrade School’s Facilities and ICT Infrastructure to facilitate school’s educational program.
  4. Engage parents and partner with external organizations to meet students’ needs.

In order to ensure the importance of the ongoing communication with parents and to emphasize the importance of their role as partners in the educational process, in order to achieve the maximum benefit for our students, we are pleased to meet you and our students in the virtual orientation meeting (online) as follows:


Grade Level

Orientation meeting

Elementary 1G-G2  Classes

Thursday  1/9/2022

Elementary 3G-4G Classes

M&H  5G 12 G  Classes

Sunday 4/9/202


Monday 5/9/2022


Tuesday 6/9/2022


Thursday 8/9/2022

We are looking forward to welcome our students on Tuesday September 6, 2022.