Our Director’s Message

Dear parents, members of staff and students,

"Alsalam Alykom wa rahmat Allah wa barakato"

Dear parents, staff members, and students,

Alsalam Alykom wa rahmat Allah wa barakato

It is my pleasure to welcome you all and express my profuse thanks to the school teachers and the administrators for the great efforts that they have made over the past years. Incontrovertibly, You have all worked hard and dedicatedly enough to make the school deservedly qualified to earn the accreditation and become an international one. I would also like to warmly welcome the CIS team that is composed of eleven experienced educators who will visit our school from November 9th to November 15th 2018.

Feeling happy and proud, I would like to congratulate our students on passing their first quarter exams successfully. Proudly, I would like to mention that they have made remarkable progress in all spheres and achieved brilliant results. It is also worth mentioning that the first quarter report cards will be distributed on Tuesday, November 20th 2018 which    will set the scene for fruitful communication between the school and the parents.

Furthermore, I would like to congratulate you all as we will shortly celebrate the anniversary of the Prophet’s birthday on Thursday November 22nd which is a public holiday. Therefore, the school has decided to offer all the employees and the students a long weekend from November 21st   to November 25th 2018. Please note that the school will open its doors again on Monday November 26th, 2018 and this holiday is a token of appreciation for all the efforts that all of you have made in your indefatigable quest for the CIS accreditation. Needless to say, we will make it up for the lost instruction time .

In conclusion, I would like you all to accept my thanks and appreciation for all that you have done and we hereby pledge that we will always work so hard to ensure the eternal rise of our beloved country Kuwait.

Sumaya Abdulaziz Al-Mutawa

School Director