Our Director’s Message

My Dear School Community,

"Alsalam Alykom wa rahmat Allah wa barakato"

All praise due to Allah, I am thrilled to announce that Al-Resala Bilingual School has achieved accreditation from the Council of International Schools (CIS) with extremely positive commendations, and with no specific qualifications. CIS is one of the most prestigious accreditation organizations. It holds a rigorous evaluation process that has taken our school on a four-year journey of revising guiding statements, strategic improvement planning, as well as CIS’ Membership, Preparatory, and Self-Study stages. Out of 114 CIS evaluation standards, we are very proud to share that our school practices have met 107 standards and exceeded 4 standards – a 94% average.

What I am most proud of is our school community’s solidarity and commitment to improvement throughout this process. Despite extreme weather conditions, all school constituents came together as a team to showcase their pride in being part of RBS.


Achieving accreditation is only the beginning of our school’s journey, for we are using feedback from CIS and our school community to draft the next strategic improvement plan (2019-2022).  We will continue our unwavering commitment to providing all our children with High Quality Learning within an Islamic framework, and we thank you for your constant support.

Warm regards,

Sumaya Abdulaziz Al-Mutawa

School Director