Parent Teacher Association

The Board recognizes that the Parent and Teacher Association is an important communication channel between the school and parents.

The Parent-Teacher Association (PTA), of which all parents and teachers are members, works to promote positive interaction and communication between home and school.

The PTA shall be composed of 9 members, 6 parents (3 elected members) and 3 from school staff.

The duration of membership in the PTA is two years and ends with the election of new members of the Association.

Scope of Influence:
The PTA will have no administrative authority and cannot determine school policy, their suggestions, and assistance are always welcome. 

1. To promote communication and close relationships between home and school so that educators, parents and community can cooperate fully in the education and development of students. 
2. To promote and organize parent-teacher activities in the interest of the school community. 

PTA Main Committees:
1. Cultural Committee (Workshops, lectures and trainings)
2. Social Committee ( Field trips and gathering)

Please email any questions or suggestions to:

PTA Achievement in 2017-2018

1. Organizing a lecture for Mrs. Wudooh AlMikhyal about "family communication"
2. Visit Issa Al-Houli Secondary School.
3. Preparation of a booklet, "Living in Kuwait", for newly arrived parents of Kuwait.
4. Open a channel of direct contact with parents by creating an email for PTA
5. Provide many development suggestions related to different topics, including the following:-
- Continue promoting diversity of school activities
- Conducting workshops for the school community
- Empowering Special Education students to work on small projects

PTA Achievement