Dear Parents, teachers and Resala KG stars:

I would like to congratulate you the start of the new school year.

The beginning of school is an exciting time for all of us. It opens up opportunities to help children to learn, manage change and mature.

 Thank you for preparing your child for the start of the school year.

I appreciate your collaboration with the K.G. rules and regulations for the benefit of our students.

I would like to share with you some important notes:

  • Students’ arrival time is 7.30 am to attend the morning assembly, which is important to refresh their memories, develop some skills and enhance the educational program.
  • Please note that the attendance of kindergarten first and second kindergarten students is on Thursday, corresponding to 9/7/2023, and preliminary kindergarten students are on Sunday, corresponding to 9/10/2023.
  • Students’ dismissal time is at 12.45 pm. Early students’ pick up is not allowed. In case of emergency or appointments, approval from administration is required and it is permitted only before 11.45 pm. It is crucial to avoid instruction interruptions.
  • K.G. Gate #2 will be open at 7.00 am and will close at 12.00 pm, then will be open again at 12.45 pm for students’ dismissal.
  • Ms. Shereen Alhakeem our social advisor and she is happily ready to receive your notes on the extension #140
  • K.G. reception will receive your incoming calls to the extension #126.
  • Parents and guardians not allowed visiting K.G. classrooms during regular days for the benefits of the educational process.
  •  Male drivers are not allowed to pick up any student unless accompanied by a maid or one of the parents.

NOTIC: Please note that students will be dismissed from Thursday 7-9-2023 to Thursday 10-9-2023 at 11:30

 Praying to Allah to make this year fruitful and prosperous