September 2020

Dear Parents & Students,

Wish this message finds you in a good health. I miss seeing our students so much. Allow me to congratulate you for the beginning of the new academic year. May Allah make it a successful year.

According to the Ministry of Education decisions in these exceptional circumstances, the first term will be taught online. This is because we care for our student’s safety. Thus, we would like you to follow the safety procedures. What has happened in the world and our community today is an emergency that may hinder going back to schools in the ordinary way. However, it doesn’t mean learning is going to stop because it’s not limited to the school walls. Thus, we are working hard to present the best educational services to our students to be provided with the basic skills they need in this time. Therefore, I would to thank all these who participated in finishing teaching curriculum like teachers, students and parents who interacted with us during this time. As I would like to also a sure you that online learning is considered a very important initiative move because it is like a quantum leap to learn using advanced technology. Therefore, we prepared all means needed to make this new experience a successful one and to make it as useful as possible. As a result, we are keen on the direct communication between students and teachers as it’s a very important relation to be able to send and receive the information and enforce the educational values, because it’s our priority to cover the essential skills in English and Arabic to be able to be able for our students to move to the year after. Moreover, I would like to recommend supporting your children at home during the online learning and to make sure that they are learning well. At the end I hope from God Almighty ends this time safely because of his wish and the efforts exerted by the leaders in our beloved Kuwait.