December 2018

Dear Parents and Guardians,

As an essential element of the educational process, we call you to participate effectively with us in guiding your children and encouraging them to excel and learn from challenges.

Contact us; we are all ears to hear your feedback.  Please keep us informed of your opinion and suggestions.

A Day in my Kindergarten

We are pleased to give our parents the opportunity to see how their children spend a day at school. There will be a video recording for the whole day. The video recording will be held for two weeks starting from Sunday 2/2/2018 to Thursday 13/12/2018. The video recording will be according to a schedule has been to parents.

A field trip to the zoo

Kindergarten division will be held a field trip to the zoo that reflects our animals theme. The field trip will be from Monday 3/12/2018 to Wednesday 5/12/2018 all KG students starting from 8:30 am to 12:00 pm

International Day

We are pleased to announce that kindergarten division will be held an international day. This event gives as a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the different cultures and traditions of countries around the world. It is an excellent opportunity to teach our children how to respect and accept others with their differences.The kindergarten division will be celebrating this event or Monday 25/12/2018 and on Tuesday 26/12/2018. We encourage our children to wear traditional clothes of the country that is chosen from each class. We hope that the children will have fun throughout the day whilst learning about various country currency, food, flags and language.

  • Please make sure that the conversation project been delivered by the end of each skill, as it’s so important for building up their personality, expression skills, vocabulary and overcome  their shyness.
  • Also, please pay the instalment in its time.

Finally, we want to refocus on the great role of the families to support the KG role of building the future generations.