Resala Academy

March 2023 Newsletter

The SEN Division’s goal is to develop a school environment that encourages everyone to be aware of local and global issues. This month aims at creating awareness in the conservation of the environment and celebrating the abilities of individuals with Down Syndrome.

21st of March will be observed as World Down Syndrome Day in the hope of creating awareness. Presentations that provide information on Down Syndrome will be held in English and Arabic. The students from the RBS Mainstream will be invited to watch and participate in activities, students with Downs Syndrome will be included within the RBS Community through shared activities and social gatherings. The interaction between the divisions will foster the development of awareness and mutual respect between divisions.

In keeping with the theme of conservation 22nd of March will be observed as World Water Day. Instructional work and activities that focus on the importance of saving water in different ways will be taught through the month.

Presentations of prepared models and description of projects on renewable energy and water conservation will be conducted by the SEN Division students, which will be shared with the students and key staff members of the elementary and secondary divisions.

The mission of our educational process is to promote high-quality learning environment through varied practices that focus on enabling students develop their abilities, talents and leadership and critical thinking skills for problem prevention and solving.