Resala Academy

May 2020

Admission at Al-Resala Bilingual School

The close of the 2019-2020 academic year has been unprecedented. The COVID 19 pandemic has had its impact on the educational sector; there has been a change from a personalized learning experience to distance and virtual learning. Parents, students, and teachers have had no choice but to adapt quickly and efficiently to these altered teaching practices.

The staff in the Academy responded immediately when The Kuwait Education Ministry decided to close schools on 1st of March as a precautionary measure for the safety of students due to the emergence of the new Corona virus.

The teachers and therapists contacted parents to develop and implement distance educational procedures that focused on continuity of learning and developing the students' academic and vocational skills.

Academic expectations were addressed by providing worksheets that were aligned with each student’s individual educational expectations.  Therapists worked on providing a functional program with activities that could effectively be implemented by parents in a home environment.

Special education is based on a personalized teaching environment during which the student’s learning is constantly being assessed, supported, and promoted. Therefore, it is challenging to develop and implement a distance educational for students with special educational needs is challenging. this has resulted in the parents having to take on an active role in their child’s learning while consulting teachers and therapists.

Our parents were thankful that the students’ educational needs were being supported. Most of the parents were effectively supporting their children’s distance learning by maintaining constant interaction with their teachers, parents put in valued efforts to follow all instructions and guidelines provided.

The past two months have made the staff, parents and students of the Academy realize the importance of home- school collaboration and in developing the students’ responsibity for their own learning.

Certificates recognizing students’ achievement were delivered by a virtual messaging. Educational materials and sites that support academic and vocational goal sets that will keep them aware of the taught concepts were provided. During the summer break, it is important that the parents allocate time for educational activities and develop a disciplined approach towards learning.

The administration and staff of the Academy wish our parents and students a happy summer break. We miss not being able to say this in person to our dear students.

We pray that we as a community will emerge stronger after this crisis. God be with us and help us through this exceptionally difficult period.  Have a safe and happy summer break.