Resala Academy

January 2021 Newsletter 

The administration and staff of the Academy are truly happy to have their students return back to school. The Ministry of Education has permitted schools to provide education according to the functional level of the students.   

The safety requirement stated by the Ministry of Health has been diligently followed and the unit was sanitized to meet the set criteria.

Classrooms have been rearranged to maintain a two meter distance between each student as set by the Ministry of Health. Every care is being taken to keep each student within a working bubble.

The staff was trained to meet the new protocols that involved sanitizing the student’s resources and work area; these procedures have been implemented in classrooms during teaching sessions and in the therapy rooms between therapeutic sessions.

Staff and students’ temperatures are checked on arrival to school and during the school day. An evacuation plan has been put in place in case of any untoward incidents. Every effort is being made to provide a safe learning environment.

Teachers are providing fun-filled, activity based learning experiences that target each student’s learning potential. The teaching approach focuses on gently getting the students interested and involved into a school routine that they have not been in for the past ten months and have perhaps been forgotten.

As proposed by the Ministry of Education, the school is offering hybrid, online and attending models of education.

Hybrid education offers flexibility of attendance and online education. The teachers provide students with educational videos in all subjects in addition to the teaching that is being provided during school attendance.

Students being taught using the online model are being sent recorded videos along with worksheets every day. Those students who require speech therapy, occupational therapy or physiotherapy, schedule sessions with the therapists.

Working towards providing relevant functional activities for our students is the goal that the staff and administration of the Academy strive to achieve. With God’s grace we will be able to meet the target that we have set for ourselves.