Resala Academy

September 2023 Newsletter



The Administration team consisting of Dr. Sania Khattab as School Consultant, Ms. Sahar Mahmoud as School Principal, Mr. Ibrahim Khalil as School Deputy Principal and the dedicated staff members of The Special Educational Needs Division of Al Resala Bilingual School welcome the students and their parents to the academic year 2023-2024.


As a CIS accredited school with a mission to offer education that addresses each student’s potential, we look forward to providing a nurturing and positive learning culture that focuses on stimulating students’ curiosity. Our school environment supports and encourages developing existing knowledge and acquiring new information, thereby making sure that skills to be lifelong learners are taught. The emphasis is on preparing our students to become functioning and contributing members of the society.


The students are provided with vocational activities that develop skill sets that are imperative in a workplace.  They are taught in a sheltered environment within RBS school community. Products are made and marketed inside and outside the school


Activity based learning that promotes generalizing an abstract concept into a life skill learning forms the core of our teaching practices. Instructional practices that promote academic, social, emotional, spiritual development are embedded in our teaching practices; This enhances students’ creativity, communication, critical thinking and collaborative skills.


Developing a partnership with the parents is critical to the students’ overall development as they are the first and most effective teachers.

Continuity of the learning process through home-school collaboration helps to reinforce the taught concepts.



We are committed to address any concern by offering our best possible support. Thank you for being a part of the Special Educational Needs Division in Al Resala Bilingual School Family.


God’s grace and blessings be upon us as we start this academic year.