Resala Academy

Beginning of Term 2

February 2024 Newsletter



The Administration team and the dedicated staff members of The Special Educational Needs Division welcome the students and their parents to the Second Term of the academic year 2023-2024.


This term starts on 4th February till 9th June, we enthusiastically return to continue our journey towards accomplishing the goals set for all students. 


The students will be involved in learning experiences and co-curricular activities that maintain effective engagement and promote their learning.


In February, Kuwait’s National Day and Liberation Day will be celebrated on the 21st and 22nd. The students will be participating in a variety of activities that enhance the feeling of loyalty while accepting the diverse cultures, dealing kindly and living in harmony within these differences.

An exhibition of students’ products will be held to empower and enable the students to be responsible, contributing members of the society through their vocational work and communication skills.


The holy month of Ramadan will be in March-April, the students gladly celebrate the month by decorating the school and following rituals that enhance the Islamic values.


Developing students’ global awareness will continue to be an integral part of the teaching- learning practice. SEN students will celebrate world Observance Days; Water Day and Earth Day to raise alertness of environmental concerns. Correspondingly, they hold presentations and share social activities with mainstream students on Down Syndrome Day and Autism Day to inculcate the acceptance of differences and the provision of equitable opportunities.


Students’ summative assessments and progress reports that conclude students’ learning outcome will take place in May.

“End of the school year” concert will be held in May where all students celebrate their achievements.


The Teaching-Learning process is to provide a high-quality education in a safe environment through varied practices that address the individual needs, talents, and interests of the students.