Resala Academy

December 2018

Admission at Al-Resala Bilingual School

Monitoring and evaluating the students’ performance is crucial for appraising the teaching learning process. In December assessments that target the curricular expectations will be implemented. 

Curricular Grade and Program expectations are evaluated, and progress reports duly written.                                                                                                                                       

The Individual Educational Plans that aim at providing focussed instructional practices are evaluated; this provides the teacher with insight of whether the program requires any modifications. Parent meetings to discuss the progress of the student will be held in the last week.

The 2nd of December is marked as World Computer Literacy Day and the 3rd of December is the World Disability Day. Activities observing these days will take place in the last week of the month. The theme for this month will be “Yes We Can”; this will be articulating the concept of empowerment. Products made by the students from the Life Skills department will be displayed to be sold in the Academy.

The Life Skills Department focuses on developing pre vocational and vocational skills according to the performance level of the students, which inculcate in them skills and habits that support lifelong learning. Implementing vocational activities in Al Resala Bilingual School Community will be the focus for this month. Students will be offering to provide lamination and photocopying services for the Kindergarten division. We hope to sustain and develop this activity.

Activity based learning has proved to be very effective for our students.  Each department plans monthly group activity based on an agreed concept that suits the functional level of the group.

We constantly endeavor to provide a safe and stimulating learning atmosphere for our students.