Resala Academy

October 2019

Admission at Al-Resala Bilingual School

October heralds the implementation of instructional practices and student led activities that are based on initial assessments that were conducted in the first two weeks of school.


Individual Educational Plans for all students and Individual Transition Plans for students above fourteen (14) made by the teachers after the initial assessment will be discussed with the parents during the Parent Teacher Meeting. Parents are made aware of the curriculum and program their child will be following and are encouraged to provide their feedback. Maintaining a triangulation between school, students and home is imperative for an effective educational program.

Vocational programs that develop functional, academic, job oriented and appropriate behavioural skills begin this month. Students are taught food preparation, office skills and making items. Activities that assure the transference of learned academic, social and vocational skills will begin. Some of the activities are:

1. Mobile Canteen and Food Court.

2. Photocopying and laminating documents for the Academy, Elementary and Kindergarten divisions.

3. Preparation of items.

October sees the initiation of ‘Thursday Clubs’ that intend to recognise and promote individual students’ talents and interests. We plan to start this venture with art and craft, drama and sports clubs.  

This month sees the commencement of field trips that reinforce the concept of authentic learning by providing our students with varied opportunities outside the school environment.

Interdisciplinary meetings between the teachers and therapists have been scheduled in the second week. These meetings ensure the existence of commonality of goals between disciplines while developing Individualised Educational Plans that target academic standards and Individual Transitional Plans that target vocational skills.

The month of October has been identified as the “Green Month” to celebrate the onset of cooler weather conditions. Students will be involved in various planting activities along with making items from recyclable material.

Developing skills and knowledge according to each student’s potential, thereby assuring lifelong learning is integral to the Academy’s teaching learning process.

We have always and will continue to strive at providing a vibrant and congenial learning environment that supports the overall development of our students.