Resala Academy

November 2018

Admission at Al-Resala Bilingual School

The Individual Educational Plans for the students that have been approved by the parents and been set to address the individual potential, needs and interests of the students will be implemented in November.

The set academic and vocational expectations will be analyzed to suit the learning style of each student. Each student’s progress is monitored using tracking sheets that have been set based on the analyzed objectives.

A wide range of vocational activities are in progress in the Life Skills Department.

The youngest group has started sharpening pencils, laminating and taking care of plants for their department which consists of four classes. The oldest group works on distributing documents for the school’s administration and meet the photocopying needs of the school.

They have also started a cafeteria in the Academy. The students are learning to sell packaged food items and prepared foods to the students and staff.

These authentic learning classes are aimed at providing experiences that can be gradually transferred to real life situations. This month has been marked as the International Month. We have already set instructional plans that aim at educating students about the landmarks, habits and practices, dresses commonly worn and foods, of different countries. Activities that showcase these differences will be an integral part of the teaching -learning process.

The much-awaited Council of International Schools (CIS) accreditation team will be with us this November. We have been diligently working at trying to meet the international standards that have been set by the CIS.

The Arabic Department oversees the activities presented during the morning assembly. Each department has been allocated a day to perform during the morning assembly. Our conscientious teachers prepare the students to perform in front of the whole school, thereby providing them with opportunities to express their abilities without any inhibitions.

Each month in the Academy brings something new to be learned and experienced thus providing an atmosphere of dynamic learning.