Resala Academy

December 2019

Admission at Al-Resala Bilingual School

Assessment of the curricular and program targets that were set for each student will be done in December. Monitoring and evaluating the students’ learning is crucial for appraising the teaching learning process.                                                                                                                                     

The Individual Educational Plans that aim at providing focussed instructional practices are evaluated; this provides the teacher with insight of whether the curricular and program expectations require any modifications. Parent meetings to discuss the progress of the student will be held in the third week of tis month.                                                                          

The 2nd of December is marked as World Computer Literacy Day. Activities observing the importance of digital learning and citizenship will take place through the month.

The Theme for this month is “Breaking Barriers Open Gates” which celebrates the differently abled. On the third of December which is marked as the World Disability Day, the Pre Vocational Department will hold a parade based on the importance of viewing individuals with disabilities as Human Beings with equal rights and opportunities.

The students from the vocational section have been invited to participate in the carnival that is being hosted by the Middle and High Section on the 15th of December. Students will have an opportunity to display the items that they have produced and exhibit the skills that they have learned.

The Food Court which will be held on the 18th will continue the theme of this month that will be articulating the concept of empowerment.

Activity based learning has proved to be very effective for our students.  Monthly field trips and concept based activities that suit the functional level of the students are encouraged and implemented.

We constantly endeavor to provide a safe and stimulating learning atmosphere for our students.