Resala Academy

February 2019

Admission at Al-Resala Bilingual School

February heralds the start of an eventful and enriching second semester.

Developing digital awareness and taking care of electronic digital devices, is an important concept that the students should be taught. With this in mind we will be observing Feb 12th as ICT awareness and Computer cleanup day.  The students will be shown videos and be involved in activities that promote digital education.

As a part of our ongoing teaching strategy review, instructional methods and approaches will be scrutinized and altered so as to meet the changing needs of the students. In the first week of February, the leadership team along with the teachers will work on this review. New practices that teachers have developed through a process of self reflection and finding alternative experiences will be discussed and utilized according to the needs of the student population.

We will be exhibiting products made by the students in the Elementary Division exhibition and Middle and High Division Carnival. The focus of this activity is to empower the students with vocational skills thereby enabling them to be contributing and responsible citizens of Kuwait society.

Kuwait’s National Day and Liberation Day will be celebrated on the 19th and 20th    of February. Acceptance of diverse cultures which are an integral part of Kuwait, learning to live in harmony within these cultural differences will be a part of the teaching theme for the week. The students will be encouraged to participate in a variety of activities that inculcate the feeling of being a part of The State of Kuwait thereby commemorating the National and Liberation Days.