Resala Academy

June 2021 Newsletter

The Academy’s staff and administration are grateful to have had the opportunity to provide safe and high-quality education to their students from December 2020. Ministry of Education safety protocols were diligently implemented.

We worked conscientiously at making sure that all the students had access to education since schools’ closure in March 2020. We made available an online educational platform until permission was granted by the Ministry of Education of Kuwait in December 2020 for shortened school attendance.

The staff made sure that the students enjoyed the three-hour workday. The students had been absent from a structured school environment; therefore, it was necessary to get them gradually settled into a formal learning environment. The teachers had planned activities that addressed their social skills while initiating a planned academic and functional academic teaching program.

The students enthusiastically participated in activities that highlight global citizenship such as, Kuwait National Day celebrations, discussing urban farming with students in Dream School - Egypt, celebrating and creating awareness on Downs Syndrome and Autism. The student joyfully participated in Ramadam and Gergian festivities.

We are very proud to announce that three of our students will obtain their Gold Awards – ASDAN program. This achievement will give them opportunities to seek and enroll in vocational courses which, are recognized in Kuwait, thereby putting them on the path to become responsible and productive members of Kuwait society.

The academic year 2020-2021 has been the best teacher of life lessons. It has forced us to think creatively, develop new teaching-learning systems, practice kindness, and develop our emotional control. It has challenged us; the only resort was to have trust and faith that we will emerge resilient and more emotionally aware and mature than before.

We wish all our staff, parents, and dear students a fun-filled summer!! Stay safe and return safely.