School Admission Procedures

Admission at Al-Resala Bilingual School

Welcome to Al Resala Bilingual School. Selecting the appropriate school is one of the most important and most difficult decisions that parents make on their children’s behalf. We believe that choosing Al Resala Bilingual School is the right decision.

School Admission Procedures

Admission priority is given to shareholders' children, siblings of current students and employees' children.

To register a child in our school the parents will have to do the following:

Submit the following to the Student Affairs office:

Completed admission application form.

Attach the following with the application form:

  • A copy of birth certificate.
  • A copy of the Civil ID
  • Official school records of the previous two years and official record of the current year (for students enrolling in grades 2-12).

Entrance Tests

If the candidate meets all the admission criteria, the Student Affairs office will contact parents to set an appointment for an interview for KG candidates, and to share the dates of the entrance tests for candidates in grades 1-12.

Enrollment Admission

A committee of teachers and administrators will decide whether to accept the candidate or not in light of the school’s admission criteria.

Final Registration

If a candidate is finally accepted, the parents must come to school with the following documents:

Required documents:

Required documents can be found in the Admission Application Checklist.

  • Signed Financial Policy
  • Birth certificate. (original and copy)
  • Vaccination record. (original and copy)
  • Student's civil ID card. (original and copy)
  • Guardian's civil ID card. (original and copy)
  • Kuwaiti student's passport (if any). (original and copy)
  • Non-Kuwaiti student's passport & valid residency. (original and copy)
  • Guardian's nationality (for Kuwaitis). (original and copy)
  • Guardian's passport & valid residency (for non-Kuwaitis). (original and copy)
  • 4 recent photographs for iKG1 to Grade 12 students.
  • 6 recent photographs for nursery students
  • A deposit of KD 100 must be paid immediately upon acceptance (non-refundable, non-transferable).
  • Health file that is opened at the School Health Department of the student residential area if the student doesn’t already have one.
If the student is transferring from another school:

At the end of the year the parents of students who have been accepted will be asked to bring the following from the previous school:

  • The candidate’s health file
  • A copy of the candidate’s latest report card for the last 2 years
  • A transfer certificate
  • A financial liability clearance letter