Social Emotional Academic Support Unit (SEAS Unit)

SEAS mission is to develop and apply effective interventions to promote psychological wellbeing, social, emotional and behavioral development, in addition to support students’ academic performance.  
  1. Academic Support:
    • Inclusive services for students with needs
    • Facilitating In school / After school  support programs (special accommodations or modifications)
    • ESL for students who are below grade level 
  2. Social Support:
    • Train students in problem solving skills and friendships issues.
    • Contacting parents 
    • Induction of new registered students
  3. Emotional Support
    • Providing (individual/group) Counseling sessions
    • Behavior modifications plan when needed
    • Anti- bulling program
    • Counseling parents
  4. Child Protection:
  5. Gifted and talented:
    SEAS unit coordinate with HOD, teachers and other out school facilities to ensure students progress and development in their talent and giftedness.