Tuition Fees Policy


Stage Approved Fees by MOE Annual
Fees after discount
  Third Installment for payments after Apr.
(Pre Kg ,KG1& KG2)
1955 1955 100 620 620 615   615
Elementary  school (Grades1-4) 2866 2750 100 925 925 800   916
Middle school
(Grades 5-6-7-8)
2978 2978 100 960 960 958   958
High School
Grade (9-12)
4138 3770 100 1350 1350 970   1338
  • The fees include tuition services and text books. 
  • (100 KD) must be directly paid on admission as registration fees that can neither be refunded nor transferred.
  • A special discount will be awarded if fees are paid on time.
  • A 5% discount is granted if school fees have been paid in full by 15/9/2020 when the first installment is due.
  • The guardian is granted a discount of 50 K.D for each sibling.

2. Non-Parental School Fees Payment

The following must be done when the fees are paid by the parent’s employer:

  • The school must get a statement from the employer in which he/she pledges that the fees will be paid on time.

If the employer fails to pay the total amount, the parent will have to pay the remaining sum.

If the tuition fees are to be paid by the Parent’s Guardian’s employer discount will not be granted.


The following procedures will be taken in case of withdrawal:

-If a student withdraws from the school during the academic year, the granted discount will be cancelled.

  • The first installment of the school fees must be paid if a student withdraws any time between Sept 1st and  Dec. 31st.
  • If a student withdraws any time  between Jan.1st and  Mar 31st, the first and  second  installments must be paid .
  • If  a student withdraws from Apr.1st,, the whole amount of school fees must be paid.
  • The whole amount of school fees will be refunded to parents (except for the 100 KD registration fee), if the student does not come to school right from the beginning of the year.
  • The accountant office will not issue any clearance certificates for dropouts unless all the school fees are fully paid.

Note: School fees are non refundable in case of student’s suspension as a result of exceeding the unexcused absent days or other reasons.

Late Enrolment 

Late enrollees are entitled to the following discounts:

  • Student who register from 1/9 to 30/11   (No Discount)
  • Student who register after 1/12  (25% Discount)

Accepting students from another school

When accepting a student transferred from another school the discount is calculated according to the period spent by the student at the previous school

For High school students:

An amount of 80 K.D is due for Tablet (HP Note Book) rental, added to the determined fees.

KG Fee installments:

  • Registration fee and first installment are due before the first semester.
  • Second and third installent are due before the second semester.

Transportation Policy:

  • The school cannot accept liability for the students’ transportation. This service is answered for and provided by the bus agent.
  • To join the bus service, parents should contact the bus agent to register and pay fees. The transportation agent and his/her staff are totally independent from the school and are solely responsible for the safety of the buses and the service quality.

School fees are subject to change according to the Ministry of Education and Private Sector instructions.

The cashier will be open from 7:30 am to 1:30 pm

Statement and commitment

After reading the handout of Al Resala Bilingual schools fee policy , kindly sign the below statement/ commitment.

I hereby assert that I am aware of Al Resala Bilingual School's tuition fees for the coming school year (2020/2021). I also certify that I commit to observe this policy in full, including paying of all installments in due dates according to the indicated installments table.

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