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Thanks Allah for the blessings You granted us.

I am so proud to write you these words by the end of this busy year and at the beginning of a new bright one. Days have passed by as we were keen to educate our students about manners and science through learning the right educational habits and through acquiring new skills to be able to love and respect others.

When we; administrators, teachers, students and parents, acted like one single artist, we drew our own portrait beautifully. We would not have achieved such success if a great effort had been exerted through a safe educational environment equipped by all means of success and through parents who supported their children all the time.

Since the time this school was established, we tried to pave our way to success. Thanks Allah we had a clear vision to reach our goals. Thus, we were able to achieve many dreams that we had before, and we are still looking forward to achieve more next academic year (2021-2022) when we meet our dear students on the 6th and 7th of September.

Thank you so much